A Bulgarian Rose Festival – for Missions


In June they have a Rose Festival in Kazenlak, Bulgaria.  That is the in the heart of the rose growing region of Bulgaria.  They export much of the rose oil used in perfumes made by the French and others.  Why not have a Rose Festival yourself.


1) Decorate the church in (Real or silk) roses.


2) Give the ladies a Rose corsage to wear as they enter that day. (Real or Silk)


3) See if a local department store might have some samples perfumes you could get that could be distributed in a drawing or even auctioned off to help with missions. (Since I am told all good fragrances have Bulgarian Rose oil in them)


4) Have a rose pedal (silk) attached to a card that is a magnet hand out to be placed on the refrigerator as a prayer reminder for Bulgaria  (these could be made by the youth or older elementary kids a week or so before as a way to involve them in missions)


5) Set a goal of fund to be raised and get a large rose picture and color it in as the funds come in.


6) Maybe have a Rose Queen (like they do in the Festival here) but make it on qualities that fit servant hood or Christ likeness.  – I donÕt have a real good idea here but you might just do it for fun!  Let them make their own rose costume or outfit 


7) Download from the resource section  childrenÕs pages for the Rose Festival that they can use during Sunday School or ChildrenÕs Church.


8) See if it is in the spring if a local nursery would work to get you rose bushes at cost and then auction (sell) them as part of the rundraising sending this in to a special project for the Balkans. As they plant the bush and it grows it can be a reminder to pray for the work here.


Have us be part of the celebration by doing a live Internet interview.  If you can get the Internet connection to your auditoriums computer we can be a part of your service. That way – we can take questions, and maybe even interview people from our work as well.


And best of all except for the internet connection costs – it is FREE. (Maybe some one in the church has a wireless card for their computer and would let you use it for the service as there way of helping)  this internet connection can also work for Kids club meetings or Youth Group meetings, womanÕs Meetings and MenÕs meetings.  This will allow your people to feel like they are really there and a part of it!



Web links for more information of the Rose Festival



You may want to look at the Rose of Sharon passage from Song of Solumon 2:1 – It is a symbolic name of Jesus and here are a couple of web sites which help explain the phase and itÕs biblical history.


Rose of Sharon