Fundraising for Ministry


Fundraising is not just something you have to do before you can go on a “Missions Trip”, it is very much a part of the “Missions Trip Experience”.   It is working toward building “Unity” in the team and a sense of becoming a “family”.  If used right fundraising can be a fun experience and part of the training.


I have broken Fundraising for a Trip down into 5 types.


1) Savings   2) Donations    3) Sales   4) Work Projects   5) Promotions


Lets now define what each of these are and how they might help in planning a missions trip.


SAVINGS – This is money the individual/family sets aside to make the trip possible.  If the person going is not willing to invest in the process why should or would anyone else.  Additionally it is Biblical -  this keeps it closer to you heart, “for where your treasure is there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:21).


Encourage team members to set a goal to set aside a certain amount themselves.  If they are working or earning money they will need to save some and be putting it in.  The experience will be more powerful if they have invested something themselves. 


DONATIONS - This can be one of the easiest ones to do for missions.  Simply put you are getting people to contribute a gift to the person or project.  Because it is church sponsored (501c3), a gift receipt for the donation can be made or given for tax purposes. The tax break on most of this will not make a difference to the giver.  They should be issued but most people are not giving to missions trips because of the tax benefit.  They are giving because the agree with what you are going or because they know the person going and believe in them.


Ideas to get others to invest in the trip:

·      S.T.O.C.K – (Seeing Teens Onward in Christ’s Kingdom) – Create a nice certificate to give to those who contribute (it also reminds them to pray)

·      Support Letters – mailed to family, friends and acquaintances. (See back of the book for samples)

·      General Presentations for the Pulpit/Pastor – get the Pastor and Board behind this- if they are sold on it they will help push it.  Help them see this is not taking away from the local church but expanding it’s influence.  The world has become it’s parish.  Not only will the people you go to serve be blessed but the group going will be changed as well.  They will come back more ready and able to serve at the local church.

·      Offerings – Taken by local churches or groups – Ask for and create ways for people to give.  Either by designating a part of their check to the mission or through special offerings.  Ask how this can be done with the church leadership.  Make sure it is clear as to how people are to mark their giving and how it will be credited.

·      Matching Money’s – Sometimes you can approach someone who could give a large amount with the idea of giving an amount only if the participates can get others to collect additional contribution for the same amount. This is a great tool to motivate smaller givers to give for their gift is doubled with the matching funds.


SALES - This would include any kind of product or service that you sell and in return money goes to the group or project.  This is the common way most groups get funds.  If you ask most churches get fundraising flyers regularly.  Plus you can google a search and find all kinds of things to sell.  Here are a few that I have done with my youth group.



·      T-shirt Sales

·      Sandwich Sales

·      Cookie Sales

·      Entertainment Book/Savings Cards

·      Bake Sale

·      Candy Sale

·      Fireworks

·      Silent Auction

·      Flowers

·      Pizza & Cookies

·      You can sell just about anything


WORK PROJECTS - This includes any kind of fundraiser where the team or individual is physically or manually working in return for money toward the trip.



·      Slave/Work Auctions

·      Concession at Public/Sports Venues

·      Church Dinners

·      Car Wash

·      Story Inventory Help

·      Stuffing Newspapers

·      Organizations Mailings

·      Yard Work

·      Babysitting – “Parents Night out”


PROMOTIONS -This is any kind of activity you ask people to participate in which by their participation will generate funds, which are channeled to the ministry or trip



·      Store Certificates

·      Re-chargeable Gift Cards (Kroger – hand out)

·      SCRIP - see list below

·      Store Receipts – some have you collect them and then turn them in to get a percentage back.

·      Business Days (Fazoli’s, Max & Erma’s, Boston Market check with any local restaurant to see what they might offer – sometimes you don’t have because you don’t ask)


Working with Businesses

When working with Businesses one thing to keep in mind is if you are asking for their help you should be offering something that they need: Advertising, goodwill promotions, manpower and labor.  You are going to receive but what are you willing to give?  If you can approach the business with ideas that will help them succeed then they are willing to help you succeed.  For example: You hand out flyers to lots of people to eat at the restaurant and provide help to clear tables they will give you a percent of the sales. (You have provided Advertising – that usually cost them something and labor – that also costs them something – so by offering the business something they are often willing to give you something too!)  When you approach fundraising with a servants mindset it will usually take you farther.


Try and have a few of each of these so that you can reach more people.    Many people will give just because you are doing it (Donations). Some people want to see the team working to show their seriousness and commitment (Work), then they will get on board. Some people will purchase something because you ask (Sales) – most will buy something even if they don’t need it just because the person asks.  Other people participate in or with promotions knowing they help your group (Promotions).   Some people will support several or even all of them.



Another goal of Fundraising is for support so make sure that you communicate more than just the need for funds also communicate what you will be doing and why that will advance God’s Kingdom in the future. 


Additionally you will want to enlist and recruit prayer partner and supporters for the trip.


Use the fundraising as part of the trip training and to expand the participants.  Not every one can go but some can still play an important part of the organization and funding of the trip!


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I would love to hear from you


Web Addresses

SCRIP Locations - ESCRIP - Great Lakes SCRIP - United SCRIP  - - Northwest Ohio Scrip Association (the one I use)


Kroger Rechargeable Gift Cards Program – Contact your local Store’s Customer Service center for more information.


Instructions for STOCK (Seeing Teens Onward in Christ’s Kingdom) Sales


STOCK is a way to gain financial and prayer support for the missions trip that you are planning. People will invest in the trip just like they would a company.  Unlike the stock market they will not receive and divided or interest here on earth but in heaven.  The money goes to help with the cost of the trip.  This is often a good way to raise a materials/supplies budget for the trip.


What we have done is issues Certificates stating they have ___ share(s) in the Missions Trip.  This was also a prayer reminder and an invitation to a STOCK Holders Dinner for a report after the trip is over to hear what happened on the trip.   We also included a post card mailed by a team member while on the trip.  This could be from the airport before you leave the country or it could be from the country.  You would not have to do this but it is a nice touch.


How much Money do you make?

Determine either the amount of money you need or want to raise and divide that by a set price (make sure it is reasonable for the market and the people you will be approaching) determining the number of share you have to sell (illustration 1). Another way is to determine the amount for a share and see how many you can sell (illustration 2). (Include any funds you will need to pay for the meal for the investors after the trip in your amount.)


Always if you can encourage each team member to sell a set number (or more)


Illustration 1

Amount Needed - $3000 divided by $15 = 200 Shares

200 shares divided by 15 team members means each should sell 13-14 shares


Illustration 2

You will sell shares for $20 each and see how much you can raise

12 team members each should sell 10 shares each

120 shares (12 members X 10 shares) X $20 = $2400


STOCK Holders Dinner

This is a real treat to do for those who have supported your trip.  Invite them all to a dinner where the team will serve a simple meal (it is nice if the meal could reflect the kind of food you ate while on the trip) and them report what God did on the trip.  For the report time you might want to do music, show some slides and have several share stories of how God worked.  People really like to hear what happened specifically to team members.  Remember to keep it simple and inexpensive – people are giving to the trip not for the meal.