VISA Opportunities/Ideas

There are many ways and places to get involved the best placeto begin is at the VISA website  It is especially important that the leaders is trained and knows what to do to get the team ready. Start at the VISA sight but communicate with me as well and we can together taylor make a trip that will impact your people and make a difference for ChristÕs kingdom here as well!


The following are working ideas that are FLUID right now they are just possibilities but maybe you are the one to make this possibility – REALITY!


Youth Teams

Youth groups can do a great deal in overseas missions.  They are willing to do just about anything and just their coming brings about excitement and support for the local church – But if not prepared they can also do a great deal of harm.  Below are ideas for youth groups in the Balkans






Mixed Teams



Adult teams




We are looking for people who will be willing to come and invest their lives in and with the lives of Bulgarians.  As Bulgaria is a fast growing opportunity for us we have several areas for VISA workers.  All of these positions are just ideas at this point but if they interest you then lets talk as that jut might be how God make this all happen.