Church Planting: How it works!

Every Two years a new cohort of church plants is created.

Prior to the start candidates to plant each church are interviewed and vetted to make sure we are hearing from God and getting the best possible leader in each location.

Speaking of locations, they are selected based on the need of the community and proximity to a support base for the pastor.

Once the location and pastor are decided the process begins – a formal contract signing is done and the regular training, accountability, and encouragement begin.

Approximately every other month each cohort will gather for training, prayer and reporting on what they are doing.

In between these meetings our country leader will visit and observe the pastor in action offering assistance and suggestions as needed.

During the 2 years, we provide a small stipend for each church plant to help with transportation for the pastor and building rental if needed for the gatherings.

After the two years, we should have a growing healthy church and we begin the process again.

For this to happen it does cost – we figure about $300 a month per church plant. This covers the stipend, translation and training costs and support for the country leader.

We are getting ready to start new cohorts in 3 countries – Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia. 

Our goal is 15-20 new church plants.  That means we are needing to raise between $4,500-$6,000 a month to make this happen.

To raise these funds, we are looking at getting churches (or individuals) to become sister churches.  For $300 a month or $7,200 over a 24-month period you can make that happen.

Our goal is to connect you with the new church through the church planter where you will get regular updates and prayer requests so you can be a part of all that God is doing. They will also want to get prayer needs for you so that they get to know what God is doing in and through your ministries as well.

We hope this will be a lasting partnership in the Body of Christ and work of His Worldwide Church!


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