A Taste of the World Festival

Diane and I do a great deal of thinking about how to share what God is doing in and through our work when we come to do a presentation.

We do not what it to JUST give FACTS AND lots of information on you but rather we want it to challenge and motivate folks to change something in their life. We are often at a church for a presentation on a Sunday, maybe a kids program and a Sunday School class, and for all of these we try and make the time interesting, informative and challenging.

But we also know that the longer we can spend with people the more they learn and the more they are impacted. So we would like to suggest that as a church you consider a Taste of the World Festival.

This could be done on the Saturday before we are there on a Sunday or Sunday afternoon or evening.

What is a Taste of the World Festival?  It is time to do some different things that would be fun, entertaining and educational all at the same time.  It could include

  • International (Pot Luck) Dinner
  • How to Live Life on Purpose Challenge
  • International Shopping Bazaar
  • Bazaar Fashion Show
  • Cultural Dance Experience
  • Music and Video from around the world
  • International Coloring Contest for kids

We have created a guide for you to work with to make this happen – it identifies what is needed for each component – not all components need to be done. You can pick and choose from this list or even add more. These are our suggestions to make it simple and easy.

If you are interested in scheduling us for this please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen!

How We can Help the Local Church!

Most of the time when you hear from a missionary it is all about what you can do for them and how they want to share with your people what God is up to.  That is great but it can be a bit overwhelming.  They all want to come in and share what they need and why.  We are coming back and also want to share but we also want to offer you some services for you to take advantage of when it is right for you and your church ministries.

Our Company Marketplace Manna, Inc. is now a nonprofit (501c3) organization which gives us the ability to do more for less.  We are creating programs and services that we can provide for your church to help you.

We have a Retreat, Conference, and Event Department that can assist in your event planning with a mission’s focus while having fun and creating great memories.

We also offer our Marketplace Manna’s Church Express Store – this would be a way for you to promote missions, help those in need, and raise funds for your local or global mission’s projects.  We now work with more than 30 countries we can tailor the product you have to promote to go along with the region or theme of the event – great for a mission focus Sunday, a church retreat or a women’s luncheon.

To learn more about these click on the links to the left and watch the videos listed.