How we can Help the Local Church!

Most of the time when you hear from a missionary it is all about what you can do for them and how they want to share with your people what God is up to.  That is great but it can be a bit overwhelming especially when many are coming back for General Conference, that means they all want to come in a very short period of time.  We are coming back and do what to share but we also what to offer you some service that for you to take advantage of when it is right for you and your churches ministries.

Our Company Marketplace Manna, Inc. is now a nonprofit (501c3) organization which give us the ability to do more for less.  We are creating programs and service that we can provide for your church to help you.

We have a Retreat, Conference and Event Department that can assist in your event planning with a mission’s focus while having fun and creating great memories.

We also offer our Marketplace Manna’s Church Express Store – this would be a way for you to promote missions, help those in need and raise funds for your local or global mission’s projects.  We now work with more than 30 countries we can tailor the product you have to promote to go along with the region or theme of the event – great for a mission focus Sunday, a church retreat or a women’s luncheon.

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