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Why do we have livelihood groups and why should one support them?

These are good questions and before we can answer them we need to define what a livelihood group is.  Let us begin by defining the two words that make up the phase “Livelihood Group”


  • a means of securing the necessities of life.
  • the way you earn the money you need to pay for food, a place to liveclothing, etc.
  • means of living or of supporting life
  • means of support or subsistence


  • a number of people that are located, gathered or classed together.
  • a number of people that are put together or considered as a unit:
  • a set of people who have the same interests or aims, and who organize themselves to work or act together.
  • several people that are connected with each other

We can see that “Livelihood Groups” are set up to help people who are together and create opportunities to earn funds to purchase what they need to live.

These are folks who are working to provide the basics of life for themselves and their families.

To answer the questions above: we create and support the livelihood groups because these folks need to earn money so that they can support themselves and their families.

When someone does not have money, there are only a few ways for them to get some.

1) Beg for it and wait for a handout

2) Steal it and

3) Earn it by working

We had been asked for money at almost every church we visited in the beginning.  The church leaders had learned that if they asked the “wealth west” would provide – and for a while they did – but then the funds dried up and some groups left the country.  But only knowing how to ask (beg) and wait was their only option – as they could not steal it and jobs were hard to come by.

God began to work in my heart and He was telling me we needed to do something about the economic needs of the people.

At the same time, we were starting to plant churches but the folks in attendance were often unemployed a good part of the year.  How could they support the church?  We were creating a dependency on the west to again provide for them. 

We wanted our churches to be thriving and a center for help in their communities to do that the folks in attendance need to have a more stable income.  Through the churches, good stewardship principles are taught and that means that the people as they have funds are supporting the ministries in the church.  (At once church the workers tithed their funds and remodeled the kid’s area, another was able to pay to the refurbishment of a trailer that they are using for their meeting location {see photo below}, a third example was when one pastor in North Macedonia was about to have their first baby but did not have any items needed to care for a baby – the churches in Bulgaria took up an offering to get the items needed for the new baby.) 

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You see when supporting the livelihood groups by purchasing products that they make or by donating to our development fund you help us help the participants to become more and more independent and able to care for not only their families but their church and communities as well.

You see being a Christian is more than saying yes to GOD it is also living for God and being His hands and feet to a world in need.  It also means being smart to help people learn how to care for themselves and those around them.

Yes, sometimes we need to give to help them get started like with our development fund.  Without the funds, we use to invest in getting a group going, it is hard to start a new one. But once that group is up and functioning funds from sold products are reinvested back into that group.  We jumpstart the process and watch it grow.

I hope you will consider supporting us and helping us expand our impact on the hurting around the world.

To give to our Development Fund (Tax Deductible) click here.  To shop online Click Here 

Why You should consider a donation to Marketplace Manna. Inc!

When we say “Around the World Shop” or Help people around the world care for their families we are not just inflating what we do.  It is why we do what we do!

Our work is with the poor, disenfranchised, persecuted, disabled and unemployed where ever we encounter them and see a way to make a difference.

We have goods in our store from over 30 countries (I think it is closer to 40) including partners in the United States.  With the rise of Nationalism all over the world we want to be sensitive to the plight of the poor in the USA as well.  We do not believe it is just the Governments job to respond we believe it is our job to reach out.  We are in conversations with additional groups in the USA to see if we can partner and create income opportunities with them.

Recently, I began conversations with a new partner who is working with Refugees in Iraq. Folks who have been uprooted because of ISIS. I am so excited to be able to help them with the distribution of their products. But that takes upfront funds to help them with raw materials, salaries and shipping.

We have begun a new Scrip (Gift Card) program that once fully operating with many participating will generate thousands of dollars back into our ministries each month.

We have ideas and dreams to engage more partners and retail outlets to expand the income potential of our Livelihood Groups.

We have had 2 additional malls approach us about pop-up shops in their mall this holiday season which we are looking into and weighing what it will take to make this happen.

All that said we need some quick help!  Right now, we are needing about $10,000 for our 2019 projects!   We have been working to expand our impact and influence and we need your help to make it happen.  We have been laying the foundation to create opportunities to employ more folks and start new work.  We have order product for our stores and time in the states this summer and fall.  I had hoped that sales would have been better and cost would have been less but we are still learning and trying to figure this all out. The bottom line is I do not have the funds to pay salaries for our workers, for raw materials and for products we have asked other companies to create for us later this month.  We have personally stretched our own finances as far as we can.  I am sure that once we are again sharing the story and traveling to our partner churches we will see the cash flow turn around.  But until then, we need God’s intervention and your help!

  • Would you pray for us and about this need?
  • Would you consider a one-time or regular gift to help with our investment expenses?

$10,000 seems like a great deal of money and it is but last year during our holiday season we sold over $50,000 in sales so I know we will get back what we have invested.

Additionally, Marketplace Manna became a nonprofit company this spring and so donations are tax deductible as well.

I believe that we are at the beginning of some amazing ministry partnerships and opportunities.  I believe that the financial issues are one way the enemy keeps us focused on the problems and not the possibilities.  My entire life has been lived by faith, that is trusting God as I have never had a great deal of extra money waiting to be spent, so I know God will provide.  I also know that God’s people can’t respond if they do not know the need.  So. I am sharing this with you.

Thanks for your prayers and if you are able your gift!

To give go online at marketplacemanna.biz click on the “Give Link”

Or mail a check to Marketplace Manna 1088 Jackson Crossing, Jackson, Mi 49202

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or ideas to help.


Why Investing in Livelihood Groups is Important!

This past Friday was pick-up day for many of our livelihood groups.  Some of our ladies are now doing some crocheting for us instead of knitting as we are expanding our product line.  One of their first projects was that of a keychain. This keychain is the logo of our safe House and is being created for a promotion later this summer.

When they were taught how to make it they were also told about what they were making and why.  As we paid them for their work one of the ladies handed us 8 leva back.  I was confused thinking I had paid the wrong amount, but she said: “No, no I want to give that to the girls home.”

I am amazed and thrilled when I see this happen.  It means they are understanding more and more of what we are doing and why.  They are blessed and thankful which in turn makes then generous.

When you help with our Spring Planting Project you help us to be able to create more communities like this that not only get served but also learn to serve! 

Thanks for all your prayers and support – Send a check to Marketplace Manna 1088 Jackson Crossing, Jackson, MI 49202 or online at www.marketplacemanna.biz click on the “give” link!

Spring Planting Promotion - MATCHING FUNDS

Spring Planting Promotion

Marketplace Manna, Inc. exists to help the poor, disenfranchised, persecuted disabled and unemployed around the world.

We do this through education, grants, loans, partnerships, and economic development.

  • Education – our goals is to help people better understand what happens when they spend their money and the impact it can have on peoples’ lives.
  • Grants – from time to time we give to support other organizations that are working to make people’s lives better.
  • Loans – given to help people with a good idea to start a business. Often, they just need the funds to make it happen.
  • Partnerships – working with other organizations to advance the work they are doing with folks who need assistance be that overseas or in our backyard.
  • Economic Development – this is done be helping create livelihood groups, purchasing good from establishing groups and selling the products through our retail outlets.

We have recently received our Non-Profit status from the IRS and can now collect tax-deductible donations and save on income tax on the merchandise we sell. This will help out a great deal as we move forward.

We have dreams and ideas for helping folks not only overseas but also the poor, disenfranchised, persecuted, disabled and unemployed in the USA as well.  There are people all over the world looking for as they say a hand up and not just a handout.

We are needing some donations to our Development Funds so we can grow and expand our impact around the world. We are looking for folks who can help us with a donation of any amount – every gift when added to the others gives us working capital to invest in the lives of others.

I would like to see us raise $30,000 to helps us get current on projects we have started and to launch some new groups in the Balkan region of Europe in the next month.

What difference does your investment make in people’s lives?  That is hard to say without appearing to be exploiting their poverty.  But recently when collecting knitwear and paying our workers – one lady brought us a carton of eggs – these were eggs that came from the chickens that they raise. Since Easter is coming they wanted to give us some eggs to help us celebrate Easter, as a thank you for them being able to work for our livelihood group. And even though we do not need the eggs we gratefully received them to give the worker the dignity of giving back. We are often given fresh produce in season from our livelihood group workers. You see it is not just about making an income it is about living in community giving and receiving, helping and being helped.  It is part of a holistic approach to ministry and discipleship. The way we live teaches way more than any class we can offer.

That is one reason why we are needing Development Funds – there are more folks who need to experience and benefit from the developing communities we and others create with the livelihood groups.

Until May 15, 2019, two supporters are willing to match every dollar you give with another dollar –  $25 given becomes $50, $50 given equals $100. You are able to leverage your gift for even greater impact.

Would you consider a donation to our Development Fund? You can mail a check to Marketplace Manna – 1088 Jackson Crossing, Jackson, MI 49202 or click on the Give link above and scroll down to the Donations section of the website and give there with your credit or debit card