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Why Investing in Livelihood Groups is Important!

This past Friday was pick-up day for many of our livelihood groups.  Some of our ladies are now doing some crocheting for us instead of knitting as we are expanding our product line.  One of their first projects was that of a keychain. This keychain is the logo of our safe House and is being created for a promotion later this summer.

When they were taught how to make it they were also told about what they were making and why.  As we paid them for their work one of the ladies handed us 8 leva back.  I was confused thinking I had paid the wrong amount, but she said: “No, no I want to give that to the girls home.”

I am amazed and thrilled when I see this happen.  It means they are understanding more and more of what we are doing and why.  They are blessed and thankful which in turn makes then generous.

When you help with our Spring Planting Project you help us to be able to create more communities like this that not only get served but also learn to serve! 

Thanks for all your prayers and support – Send a check to Marketplace Manna 1088 Jackson Crossing, Jackson, MI 49202 or online at www.marketplacemanna.biz click on the “give” link!


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