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Spring Planting Promotion - MATCHING FUNDS

Spring Planting Promotion

Marketplace Manna, Inc. exists to help the poor, disenfranchised, persecuted disabled and unemployed around the world.

We do this through education, grants, loans, partnerships, and economic development.

  • Education – our goals is to help people better understand what happens when they spend their money and the impact it can have on peoples’ lives.
  • Grants – from time to time we give to support other organizations that are working to make people’s lives better.
  • Loans – given to help people with a good idea to start a business. Often, they just need the funds to make it happen.
  • Partnerships – working with other organizations to advance the work they are doing with folks who need assistance be that overseas or in our backyard.
  • Economic Development – this is done be helping create livelihood groups, purchasing good from establishing groups and selling the products through our retail outlets.

We have recently received our Non-Profit status from the IRS and can now collect tax-deductible donations and save on income tax on the merchandise we sell. This will help out a great deal as we move forward.

We have dreams and ideas for helping folks not only overseas but also the poor, disenfranchised, persecuted, disabled and unemployed in the USA as well.  There are people all over the world looking for as they say a hand up and not just a handout.

We are needing some donations to our Development Funds so we can grow and expand our impact around the world. We are looking for folks who can help us with a donation of any amount – every gift when added to the others gives us working capital to invest in the lives of others.

I would like to see us raise $30,000 to helps us get current on projects we have started and to launch some new groups in the Balkan region of Europe in the next month.

What difference does your investment make in people’s lives?  That is hard to say without appearing to be exploiting their poverty.  But recently when collecting knitwear and paying our workers – one lady brought us a carton of eggs – these were eggs that came from the chickens that they raise. Since Easter is coming they wanted to give us some eggs to help us celebrate Easter, as a thank you for them being able to work for our livelihood group. And even though we do not need the eggs we gratefully received them to give the worker the dignity of giving back. We are often given fresh produce in season from our livelihood group workers. You see it is not just about making an income it is about living in community giving and receiving, helping and being helped.  It is part of a holistic approach to ministry and discipleship. The way we live teaches way more than any class we can offer.

That is one reason why we are needing Development Funds – there are more folks who need to experience and benefit from the developing communities we and others create with the livelihood groups.

Until May 15, 2019, two supporters are willing to match every dollar you give with another dollar –  $25 given becomes $50, $50 given equals $100. You are able to leverage your gift for even greater impact.

Would you consider a donation to our Development Fund? You can mail a check to Marketplace Manna – 1088 Jackson Crossing, Jackson, MI 49202 or click on the Give link above and scroll down to the Donations section of the website and give there with your credit or debit card