REED Workshop Purpose

REED Workshops were developed with the following purpose.

R=repurposing items,

E=environmentally beneficial,

E=economically helpful,

D=developing skills. 

Whatever we do must meet one or more of these objectives.

We currently work with the Jackson Interfaith Shelter, the Jackson Friendly Home, and a few individuals who have been referred to us by local groups.  To keep these folks busy means, we are constantly looking for more and new items they can create.  In our search for products, we have found many that would be great but the time and space it takes to make them, couldn’t happen with the current model – we needed a space where people could come, and we would pay them to make products that we can sell in our retail operations.

On April 14, 2023, we opened the first (of which I hope are many) REED Workshop Centers at 151 E Michigan, Jackson, Michigan!  A place for us to bring those in need to assist them in learning some new skills, making something we can sell, and hopefully building relationships with the staff and volunteers so that they may know God’s love.

If you are ever in the Jackson, MI Area, we invite you to come by and see the place for yourself.  If you would like to help by volunteering or by investing in our development fund so we can continue to expand and work with more groups.


To find out more information email [email protected].