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So what is SCRIP - Gift Cards?

So, what is Scrip – it is a way of paying for purchases that helps charities support their work – watch the Video’s to the left to get a full picture.  Instead of paying with Cash, check or Credit/Debit Cards you pre-purchase gift cards or eGift Cards that you use. You pay the face value of the card but we are able to get it at a discount from 1%- 16%.  The difference is ours to invest and use to help families around the world.  

Specifically, for Marketplace Manna it allows our supporters to buy almost everything they want and help us care for families around the world. The funds we make on this are part of our Development fund.

Our development fund is used to expand or start new Livelihood Groups or business in places all over the world. We also make donations to other groups that are working to help families as well.

With Scrip we are not asking you to buy something you don’t want but rather asking you to plan a bit ahead and make the money you are going to spend go farther.

Here is how it will add up if done diligently:

The Smith family Monthly Budget – Scrip Discount and donation to Marketplace Manna:

                                                Spent discount         to MM

Gas                                         200     2%=                $4

Groceries                              500     3%=                $15

Eating Out                             300     8%=                $24

Clothes                                  200     8%=                $16

Drug Stores                          200     5%=                $10

Home Improvements          200     4%=                $8

Entertainment                       100     5%=                $5

            Total                           1700                           $82 per month to MM

$82 a month times 12 months is almost $1000 annually that helps families that you can give if you just plan ahead and use Scrip.

When you add Gifts and Vacations it will add up.

To get started stop by our store at the Jackson Crossing Mall in Jackson, MI or go to www.shopwithscrip.com sign-up and when you do you will need our enrollment code email almellinger@yahoo.com to get the enrollment code (for security purpose we can not just publish the number).

All physical cards are sent to us and we will get them to you so plan ahead – eGift cards and reloads can be done almost instantly and are ready to go for you to use.

Email me – almellinger@yahoo.com if you have questions or want more information. Or call Casey at 419-304-9012 in the USA.



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