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We want to create a non-traditional way to bring the Fair-Wage, Fair-Trade stories and products to people all over the midwest (for starters).  Instead of loading all our stuff in a van - taking it out once we get there and setting it all up and then having to put it all away, we want to have a fun and creative “Truck Shop” that can go to festivals, craft fairs, conferences, Farmer’s Markets, Missions Conventions, Retreats, College & Universities and a lot of other places.

Truck Shop Design

It would supplement our retail location and other programs and expand how we can get our merchandise to people who might not ever come to our store.  The more we sell the more the livelihood groups around the world can work to replace what we have sold.

We would purchase a used U-haul low rise bed and convert it into a traveling shop.  We can pull up  Open the back and with a bit of relaxing the secured products (During transport), we are ready to go.  It would change seasonally and we plan to have it climate controlled with a rooftop heating and cooling unit.

“If this goes as we anticipate, we could see us getting several and hire folks to travel the summer to festivals and fairs, camps, and conferences - sharing the story of the folks we serve by sharing the products they make.  And besides selling, we would also create seminars and workshops that could be offered to the festival folks to help educate the public on why Fair-Trade purchasing is so important in our world today!”

Al Mellinger - President & Founder

Investment Funds Needed:

Truck Purchase $10,000
Truck Refit (inside and out) $ 5,000
Power Unit $ 2,000
Inventory (Start up) $. 3,000

Total $20,000

We are looking for large and small investors be that $50 or $5000. When we put the resources together we can see this dream take shape and become a reality. Click on the GIVE button above to be part of our Truck Shop! 


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